Grief Over the Loss of Their Baby Led Suheily and George Davis to Give Expectant Parents a Beautiful Experience

Suheily and George Davis WEDDING.COM
Suheily and George Davis

During the year leading up to Suheily and George Davis’ wedding, the then bride-to-be would sneak and take pregnancy tests to make sure she wasn’t pregnant because it was very important for her not to be pregnant before they got married.

“I had a secret stash and I wouldn’t tell George about it. He wouldn’t find the pregnancy tests until he would take the trash out,” she said with a laugh.

Once the Chicago couple married in November 2013, they weren’t trying to get pregnant, but they said they weren’t trying not to get pregnant, either. During their honeymoon in Puerto Rico, which doubled as a holiday opportunity to visit a lot of Suheily’s family, the newlyweds were surprised to discover that they were expecting their first child.

“I was a little scared because we’d just been married a month,” said Suheily.

The couple had no way of knowing that their early-Christmas gift would serve as a gift that kept on giving in ways they never imagined.

Cadence Day
Aug. 27, 2014, marked Cadence Day, the day their baby-girl blessing was due. Now Cadence Day is more of a remembrance day because Cadence’s parents never got the chance to meet her. Her heart stopped beating a month before she was due.

Two days after a normal 34-week checkup, the Davises realized that something was wrong when they went to get 3-D-sonogram pictures taken of Cadence. Panic set in when the techs noticed that she wasn’t moving at all, even after attempts to nudge her to movement. The couple raced to the hospital and had Cadence delivered, still quietly hoping that they were wrong and she would pull through.

“Even until I pushed her out, I was holding my breath,” Suheily said. “I know that God can do anything, and maybe this would be that kind of testimony. It just didn’t really sink in at first that we would have to deliver her and that she wouldn’t make it.”

Dealt a devastating blow, a year later the couple is still grappling with the loss of what would have been the first grandchild on either side of their family. They find it hard to describe the emotional roller coaster—from the elated highs of prepping for parenthood to trying to reconcile her not being here.

So instead of a birthday cake and balloons, the couple marked the due date this year by creating welcome kits for other expectant mothers in need and asked that others share in being a blessing as Cadence had been to them. The formalized effort gave those who mourned Cadence’s loss a way to remember her.

“When we lost Cadence, it was like a community loss—our friends and families mourned so strongly right there with us,” Suheily said. “They were looking for something to do with that energy.”

And with Cadence Day, they found it.

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Source: The Root | AKEYA DICKSON

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