Answers In Genesis Founder Ken Ham Blames Society’s Embrace of Homosexual Marriage for Loss of Young Christians From the Church

Ken Ham
Ken Ham

Polls show that the twentysomethings sitting next to you in the pews may not embrace your faith. What happened to them? Can we do anything to prevent losing yet another generation?

Something is wrong. The stories usually involve a close friend or family member who once attended church faithfully but left. In many cases, these once-active churchgoers adopt an openly secular worldview and lifestyle, rejecting all semblance of Christian belief and values. Most churches, it seems, are full of Christian parents, Sunday school teachers, and pastors who tell similar heartrending stories. They just can’t believe what’s happening.

No church is safe. Next time you attend a morning service, look around you. Who’s next? One of the chattering young people, the teens huddled in the corner, the single adults busily pursuing their careers? They may seem happy and engaged, but is Christ really at the center of their hearts and lives?

You can’t just assume God’s Word rules everything they think and do. If you could ask a few probing questions—about creation, abortion, marriage, and the exclusivity of Christ’s salvation—you might be surprised by their answers. They’re on a dangerous path. Six out of ten may eventually leave church. Many of the rest—like Matthew Vines who now promotes homosexual “marriage” in churches—may stay but not believe like you do!

From a human perspective, the Western church appears to be in big trouble. Any astute observer can see that the church—even the most careful local church—is becoming more secularized with each passing day. If the trends continue (see below), where will the church be in the next generation?

The twentysomethings in America (often called more broadly the Millennials, born 1982 to 2000) appear to be at a tipping point. If they keep going in the same spiritual direction, this younger generation—our future leaders—will fundamentally change the culture and the church.

You may wonder, “But what can we do? It seems so overwhelming.” Many have said to me they just get depressed and feel like giving up and waiting for Jesus to come.

I believe Christians first need to take a hard look at how we got here, and then carefully consider the solutions from God’s Word. We serve a powerful God who has given us everything we need, if we will trust in His Word and the unchanging power of the Holy Spirit.

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SOURCE: Answers in Genesis
Ken Ham

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