Black Family Who Was Attacked by Racist Threats at Camping Site Gains Support

Kanisha Allen  FOX 40 SCREENSHOT
Kanisha Allen

By now we all know the story of the black family who were threatened and called racial slurs while trying to enjoy a camping trip at Rollins Lake in Nevada County, Calif.

Turns out, even though the trip turned sour (and even life-threatening), residents of the county don’t want the awful incident to taint the family’s view of the community. Residents have started a crowdfunding campaign so that the public can donate funds urging the Allen family to take another trip for their 2016 family reunion, USA Today reports.

On the GoFundMe page—which, as of 10:30 a.m. Friday, had raised more than $4,800 of the $5,000 target—people, apparently community residents, hold signs saying, “Come Back,” “We Want a Do Over” and other words of encouragement decorated with hearts.

“This campaign is to fund the Allen family’s 2016 Family reunion. Let’s show them what this county is truly about … a community full of compassionate people that values diversity. It will only be used to purchase a vacation package at local lodging, dining, and attractions. If you are a business owner, please feel free to donate to further their Nevada County experience!” the fundraiser reads.

The campaign was prompted after the Allen family’s horrific experience at Rollins Lake over the weekend. The family were trying to enjoy their camping trip when a second, louder group set up camp next to theirs. Some racial comments were heard, but the family let it roll off their shoulders.

However, on Saturday night, the main aggressor took things to the next level, yelling at the family and running at them with what Kanisha Allen originally thought was a gun.

“[He said,] ‘I didn’t come here to sleep next to any f–king n’s,’ ” Allen said, referring to his use of the n-word.

“It was terrifying. I have a 9-month-old daughter, and I grabbed her, and the only thing that I could think of was, ‘You need to go down the ravine and hide next to the water,’ because we didn’t know what was happening,” she added.

While attempting to escape, Allen’s mother, who is in her 60s, fell and sustained injuries to her face.

The police were called, but because no weapons were found, the man who had hurled the racial slurs was released pending further investigation.

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Source: The Root | BREANNA EDWARDS

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