Migrant Standoff in Budapest Enters Second Night

Some migrants pleaded with police officers outside Keleti station
Some migrants pleaded with police officers outside Keleti station

Hundreds of migrants are in a standoff with police for a second night outside a Budapest railway station.

Earlier, scuffles broke out between the two sides as frustration among migrants boiled over outside Keleti station.

Many of the migrants have tickets and are insisting they be allowed to travel on to Germany and other countries, but Hungary says it is enforcing EU rules.

Meanwhile, Germany, Italy and France have called for “fair distribution” of refugees throughout the EU.

In a joint declaration, the countries’ foreign ministers also called for Europe’s asylum laws to be revised, the Italian foreign ministry said in a statement (in Italian).

With tens of thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa on the move through Europe, the EU’s member states are struggling to agree a common policy for dealing with the crisis.

Italy and Greece have complained that they are overwhelmed by the numbers arriving on their shores. And while countries such as Germany are prepared to accept large numbers of asylum seekers, others, such as the UK, are not.

The BBC’s Chris Morris in Brussels says the European Commission, the executive of the EU, is trying to draw up a list of safe countries of origin that failed asylum applicants can be sent back to.

And an EC spokeswoman has now said it is preparing proposals for a mechanism to automatically redistribute a proportion of those seeking asylum among EU states.

Source: BBC

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