Pastor Rick Warren Answers Jordin Sparks’ Early Morning Request for Prayer Due to Anxiety


Pastor Rick Warren, one of the leading advocates for removing the stigma inside the church community attached with mental illness, gave advice to Jordin Sparks in the early morning hours Tuesday after she sent out a plea for help over Twitter in experiencing anxiety.

Sparks, an evangelical Christian, tweeted, “I’m having such bad anxiety. I can’t sleep. If there’s any prayer warriors out there, can you please send up a prayer for me?”

To which Warren responded publically through his Twitter account: “@JordinSparks Praying for u Jordin! False Evidence Appearing Real (Fear) is worse than the reality Don’t resist it REFOCUS elsewhere.”

Warren, who along with his wife, Kay, are hosting the three-day conference, The Gathering on Mental Health & The Church, at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, October 7-9.

Shortly after his first tweet to Sparks, he tweeted, “@JordinSparks Focus on how deeply God loves you: ‘Perfect love casts out all fear.’ Focus on God’s love and move against fear in faith.”

SOURCE: The Christian Post – Alex Murashko

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