Former NBAer Vin Baker Tells How He Lost It All on “T. D. Jakes Show”

Credit: TEGNA Media/T.D. Jakes Show
Credit: TEGNA Media/T.D. Jakes Show

Before going broke, Vin Baker played 13 seasons in the NBA, was a four-time All-Star and raked in more than $100 million during his playing career.

In the former athlete’s first exclusive televised interview since his downfall made headlines, he tells Bishop T.D. Jakes how he lost it all.

“For me, when the alcohol started to take control of my life and I couldn’t control the alcohol or the partying, it seemed like everything else came along with it,” he tells Jakes in an episode airing Tuesday, September 1.

Baker, now 43, is an employee at Starbucks who retained none of his $100 million dollar fortune.

“I was trying to disguise the fact that I had this disease by spending more,” explains Baker.

These days, he’s coming clean about his previous addiction and working hard to pick up the pieces of his life.

Baker’s story is indicative of the type of life scenarios presented to viewers during the one-hour daily ‘T.D. Jakes’ talk show, which delves into personal stories, including those behind major headlines in the news.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
Rebecca Johnson


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