T.D. Jakes and son Jamar Jakes (Credit: Instagram)
T.D. Jakes and son Jamar Jakes (Credit: Instagram)

Mega pastor and mogul Bishop T.D. Jakes often hears words of affirmation and adoration in response to his uplifting sermons, books, movies and conferences.

Most recently, an Instagram post from his son Jamar Jakes stood out from the rest, making the 58-year-old emotional.

“I’m scared to even talk about it. I’ll get teary-eyed,” said Jakes Sunday, Aug. 30 at The Potters House in Dallas, TX.

He told the congregation, “[My son Jamar] wrote the most amazing thing on his Instagram page about watching me do the talk show, because he knew I was nervous about it.”

Jakes quoted Jamar saying, “‘It’s one thing for you to teach me how to step over my fears and it’s another thing to watch you step over yours.’ He said, ‘To know that you were nervous, to know that you were intimidated, to know that you were insecure and to watch you walk out on the stage and say ‘Welcome to the T.D. Jakes Show…” was inspiring.

The four-week test of “T.D. Jakes” from distributor Debmar-Mercury and Tenga Media debuted on Tenga stations in Dallas, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Cleveland Aug. 17.

The participating stations are WFAA/Dallas (3 p.m.), WXIA and WATL/Atlanta (WXIA/2 p.m., WATL/4 p.m.), KARE/Minneapolis (2 p.m.) and WKYC/Cleveland (3 p.m.).

The challenge for the preacher is tackling more mainstream topics in an effort to further broaden his appeal beyond the scope of the faith-based community.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine