WATCH: Did Former President of Baptist-Affiliated North Greenville University Abruptly Retire Because He Was Having an Affair With a Staff Member?

Jimmy Epting
Jimmy Epting

A video just posted online is raising questions about how transparent North Greenville University was about the reasons for President Jimmy Epting’s surprise retirement announcement earlier this year.

Baptist-affiliated North Greenville University issued a statement saying its leaders are expected to lead Christ-centered lives after a video posted on YouTube showed what appeared to be a confrontation between the former president and his son over an alleged affair the father was having with a member of the university staff.

University officials acknowledged Aug. 27 they were aware of the video involving former President James “Jimmy” Epting. The Greenville News, which obtained its own copy of the video, reported that the date stamp is Oct. 30, 2014.

That is more than two months before the university announced in January that Epting would take a sabbatical for the 2015 spring semester and retire in May, citing “a variety of reasons, including health concerns.”

The cell-phone video begins with a man identified elsewhere as Paul Epting speaking into the camera: “Here we go. Probably be a bad day.”

The videographer proceeds across a lawn and uses a key to unlock the back door of a private home. He enters and goes upstairs, where he is greeted by Jimmy Epting: “Hey, buddy.”

Paul Epting brushes past his father down a hallway, asking, “Where is she?” He finds a woman who appears to be hiding in a bathroom and addresses her by first name.

Jimmy Epting starts to say something, but Paul interrupts: “No, I know exactly what you’re doing. Why? It’s over, Dad. This is done. I’ve got you on video [pointing the camera at Jimmy]. I’ve got you on video [pointing it at the woman]. It’s done.”

After leaders met Thursday for several hours behind closed doors, Beverly Hawkins, chair of North Greenville University board of trustees, released a statement to local media saying:

“North Greenville University’s leaders are expected to lead Christ-centered lives and abide by all campus policies and procedures. The administration and faculty on campus today reflect our legal, moral and ethical expectations. We take our responsibilities as leaders of a Christian institution seriously and hold each member of our community to the highest of standards.

“As an institution, our promise is to combine an academic environment with a Christ-like lifestyle and provide students with opportunities for spiritual growth, academic training and Christian service.

“We will continue to focus our efforts on celebrating the start of the academic year with our students and ask that we be allowed to focus on the traditions of our campus and our bright future as a community.”

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SOURCE: Baptist News Global
Bob Allen

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