Listen to Kirk Franklin’s New Single, “Wanna Be Happy?”

Official artwork for Kirk Franklin's new single "Wanna Be Happy?" (Courtesy of RCA/Fo Yo Soul)
Official artwork for Kirk Franklin’s new single “Wanna Be Happy?” (Courtesy of RCA/Fo Yo Soul)

Kirk Franklin has released, “Wanna Be Happy?,”  the GRAMMY® Award winner’s first new single in nearly five years.

Currently available on iTunes, the inspiring lead track offers a taste of what to expect from his November-slated studio album.

“First and foremost, every human being wants to be happy. And we will try different things all in the pursuit of that feeling. With this song I’m saying if you really want to be happy, you have to start with the originator,” said Franklin in a Billboard interview.

The “Wanna Be Happy?” songwriter continued, “It’s like wanting to lose weight. Do you really want to lose weight? Because if you do, there’s a price to pay: You have to work at it. And this song is saying if you really want to be happy, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of what that is.”

He added, “We’re not the architects of our lives. We’ve got to go to the manufacturer. And it’s my goal to try to lead people to the manufacturer of their souls.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine


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