Erica Campbell on ‘Help 2.0’ and Loving her Family

Erica Campbell
Erica Campbell

Grammy winner Erica Campbell recently spoke with the LA Sentinel about her new album, “Help 2.0,” and loving her family.

LAS (Los Angeles Sentinel): Congratulations on your new album, Help 2.0. This past year has been wonderful for you.

EC (Erica Campbell): Yes…I’m so blessed. You take a chance on yourself and on new music and you never really know how the world is going to respond. But I think the success of this album is a testament to the fact that so many people really need help and a little more Jesus. So it isn’t just a song or an album. It’s a useful tool for life.

LAS: How did you come up with the spelling for the song, “I Luh God?”

EC: I’m from Inglewood. There’s a side of Erica that people don’t see. I have used that word before but I hadn’t thought about the spelling. My husband actually came up with the spelling – luh.

This song really says what’s in my heart and my intention. I really do “luh” God. I’m a singer and a songwriter, so I decided to write something that I could turn up, too.

LAS: On “More Love,” the song and the video are so beautiful. The juxtaposition of the family against the turmoil in the world is wonderfully illustrated.

EC: Our world is in turmoil, but I believe love can change that. There is a scripture that says charity or love begins at home and then spreads abroad.

When there is love in the home, you arm the people that live in that home with a different type of authority when they walk out into the world.

When you know you are loved and cared for, you can excel, you can win. Love really does change lives.

LAS: Krista Campbell is featured in the “More Love” video. Is that your daughter?

EC: Yes, that is my 10-year-old daughter. When I attended the Grammy’s, she said, “Mommy, am I not coming, I helped you get it?”

I said, “You absolutely did, but you’re staying home today because you’re only 10.”

The Bible says to train up a child and I’m showing her the path. She is clearly a gifted communicator and singer, and my husband and I want to teach her, but still allow her to be a child.

LAS: The song, “Eddie,” is a tribute to your father. If you could tell the readers one thing about your father, what would that be?

EC: My father taught us to really pray and seek after God. He raised beautiful women, but he also made us soldiers. We have real tough skin because of him and that’s a good thing in this industry and in this era of social media.

LAS: Did you know that “I Need A Little More Jesus” would be a hit?

EC: No, I didn’t initially. I just knew that I really needed a little more Jesus at the time because I wasn’t handling things right.

I was in my closet and I started singing…I need just a little more Jesus and my husband asked, “What’s that?” I said, “It’s exactly what I need at the moment.”

When we actually recorded the song, we knew it would bless people. Fantasia and Lisa Knowles add wonderful vocals to the song.

LAS: You describe the song, “Looking Like,” as Tina’s song. You must be so proud of her?

EC: I am actually Tina’s other publicist. I don’t do anything without talking about Tina. When you really love somebody, they don’t go through trials alone, you go through it, too. I knew it wasn’t my battle, but it felt like it was.

When she cried, I cried, when she was mad, I was mad, and when she was encouraged, I said, “Ok, we’re encouraged.”

It’s so wonderful to see her now, I’m proud of her and Teddy. Teddy really put in some serious work, like no one I’ve ever seen before, to turn things around. I’m happy for both of them.

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Source: LA Sentinel

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