This New Rechargeable Battery Could Last a Lifetime


Your batteries are full of useless liquid.

Modern rechargeable batteries contain a liquid electrolyte that stores and releases energy as you use and recharge your device, but scientists from MIT and Samsung are working on more powerful solid-state electrolyte batteries that could radically change our charging habits.

Previous solid-state electrolyte research fell short of being able to generate enough electricity to be useful, but the researchers on this project have overcome that problem.

Their solid electrolyte is called a “superionic lithium-ion conductor,” composed of lithium, germanium, phosphorus, and sulfur. It makes their battery design better than standard batteries in all the ways that matter: Its lifespan can last for hundreds of thousands of charges, it stores more energy in the same amount of space, and it also addresses some safety concerns present with other batteries.

Liquid electrolytes are unstable enough that they can cause battery fires. This is not just about your iPhone battery exploding in your pocket, but also the batteries that might start fires in a car or airplane. “All of the fires you’ve seen, with Boeing, Tesla, and others, they are all electrolyte fires,” researcher Dr. Gerbrand Ceder told MIT News. “The lithium itself is not flammable in the state it’s in in these batteries. [With a solid electrolyte] there’s no safety problem—you could throw it against the wall, drive a nail through it—there’s nothing there to burn.”

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SOURCE: The Daily Dot, Dylan Love

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