Chaplains for College Football Teams Getting Blitzed by Anti-Religious Group

Auburn team chaplain Chette Williams leads the Tigers in prayer. Shanna Lockwood
Auburn team chaplain Chette Williams leads the Tigers in prayer.
Shanna Lockwood

Some of America’s top college football programs are being blitzed by an anti-religious group for having chaplains.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation has issued a report condemning more than 25 public universities for allowing chaplains to be involved in their football programs. A majority of those schools are located in the “Bible Belt,” but two Southeast Conference (SEC) schools – Auburn and Georgia – appeared to take the brunt of the criticism in the report.

Steve McConkey is the president of 4 Winds Christian Athletics, a ministry trying to counter the group and stand with Christians who are involved in sports.

“Why would they want to remove Christianity [and] the influence of good, godly people on these teams? It’s a mystery to me,” he shares.

“These are teams a lot of times that have troubled youth – and not everybody that’s a football player has a great home background, so they’re bringing these kids in with structure and giving them good Christian encouragement.”

In addition to Auburn University and University of Georgia, FFRF includes among the schools with what it describes “the most flagrant chaplaincies” several others from the SEC: University of South Carolina, Mississippi State University, University of Alabama, University of Tennessee, Louisiana State University, University of Missouri, and University of Mississippi.

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SOURCE: OneNewsNow
Bill Bumpas

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