Kierra Sheard Admits “I’ve Been Hurt and Not Wise On My Dating Journey”

Credit: McDonald's 365 Black Awards
Credit: McDonald’s 365 Black Awards

Award-winning gospel singer, fashion designer and youth ministry leader Kierra Sheard may be savvy in business. But when it comes to relationships, she hasn’t been the wisest.

In a personal Instagram post, the 28-year-old admitted, “As a Christian single woman dating, I’ve been hurt and not wise on my dating journey.”

She continued, “However, I’ve learned what’s best for me and what I would do differently if I dated myself.”

Now that Sheard has had time to examine and develop her dating philosophy, it seems her mentality is different than what it used to be.

Sheard, who has in the past confessed being attracted to “hood dudes,” told the Yolanda Adams Morning Show that she has evolved.

Though she is drawn to men with “an edge,” who have both “street smarts” as well as “book smarts,” Sheard said whoever she ends up with must be God-fearing and well-rounded.

“After listening to some of my friends and I vent about the pain that came along with saying yes to the wrong guy/relationship, we have all said the things we would do differently if we were in their shoes,” she continued sharing on Instagram.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
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