Heather Lindsey’s 10 Basics of Christian Courtship


If anyone knows the ins and outs of “Christian courtship” it’s Heather Lindsey, founder of Pinky Promise, an organization whose members promise to honor God with their bodies and put sex off until marriage with a partner who has made the same promise. The author and social media influencer, has moved thousands to join, make the promise and look to her for guidance on dating with purpose. The happily married mother of two, who says she’s dedicated to encouraging women to find love God’s way, offers a crash course in Christian courtship for those who may be considering it as a new alternative to traditional dating.

Lindsey’s Christian Courtship Basics:

1.  Set your boundaries. Don’t fret. Look at your boundaries as a way to honor God and not a book of rules. Because you love God and live for Him, honor Him with your body and be involved in a healthy relationship that glorifies God. With the boundaries that you place, you have more protection and God honors it.

2.  Find Your Purpose. Use your single years wisely! Take time to seek God and understand what His purpose for you is and how it should be used to glorify the Kingdom. Before you think about getting into a relationship, you must know who you are in Christ.

3.  Strengthen Your Relationship with Christ. Be content in your relationship with God alone. Learn to be content and whole with who you are as a Christian. Enjoy intimate time with the Lord and be still in His Presence. At the right time, God will present your Adam.

4.  Educate Yourself on Biblically Based Relationships. Read books that are biblically based. These will help you gain wisdom on God’s design for relationships and marriage. After all, Christ is the author or love.

5.  Check Your Spiritual Chemistry. Chemistry is spiritual before it’s physical. Make sure you and your beau are on the same page. Your spiritual values and goals should align and compliment each other. Marriage is ultimately serving Christ together.

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SOURCE: Andrea Jordan
Essence Magazine


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