Police Officers’ Account of What Led to Shooting of Black Trenton Teen Differs From his Story

Radazz Hearns
Radazz Hearns

Amid claims from an attorney representing 14-year-old Radazz Hearns saying that his client was unarmed when he was shot by a sheriff’s officer and state trooper August 7. However, one of the state’s top police attorneys painted a far different picture.

Stuart Alterman, who is representing the Mercer County Sheriff’s Officer in the case, said Radazz Hearns had a gun, and he knows it because his client said it was pointed at him.

“The officers believed their lives were in imminent danger … pursuant to their training, they discharged their firearms,” Alterman said in an interview.

Alterman is one of the top police lawyers in the state of New Jersey. He spent time as a correction officer and a cop before switching over to practicing law.

Alterman said this shooting was “righteous,” or justified.

“When these things occur police officers go into something called Tachy Psyche. Tachy Psyche is where you go into tunnel vision and things become blurred. You concentrate on only limited visual sighting and at that particular time your training and your experience kicks in and then you react accordingly,” Alterman stated.

He then explained what happened the night of August 7.

When Alterman’s client and the two troopers were responding to a shooting, they stopped three men on the street.

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SOURCE: My9 New Jersey – Alex Zdan

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