Piso Freewill Baptist Church in Kentucky Holds Service Outside, Days After Fire Destroyed Building


Monday we told you about a congregation that was left without a place of worship. But this week, Piso Freewill Baptist church found they didn’t have to go far for their Sunday morning service.

The congregation at Piso Freewill Baptist church held services a little differently Sunday.

A fire destroyed their church Monday, but that did not stop them from worshiping. They held their service outside.

“For me, it’s important to see people come back to show that its not about the building. It’s about the people and its about the family and the friendships here,” says John Mcvay, who attended Sunday’s service.

133 people attended services beside the church.

One member says she’s thankful for the community’s support, despite their humble setting.

“It’s a building, and even though it hurts that we lost our nice comfortable seating and everything, it’s good that the people still come out and rejoice in the Lord. The people are the church,” says Alice Kinney, church member.

Church members say they would like to eventually rebuild in the same location.

“There’s still some uncertainty there because they haven’t finalized investigating structure to see what it can support and what needs to be done. So they’re not sure yet if they are going to be able to rebuild on the same spot,” says Mcvay.

For now, they continue to worship next to what is left of a building with so many memories.

SOURCE: Chandler Markie

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