Tina Campbell Celebrates 15 Years of Marriage With Husband Teddy After Overcoming Infidelities and Anger


Gospel singer Tina Campbell is celebrating 15 years of marriage with her husband, Teddy Campbell, after a tumultuous year in the public eye.

Tina, the 41-year-old singer from the gospel music group Mary Mary, who wrote the book I Need a Day to Pray and released the album It’s Personal last May, publicly dealt with the death of her father and husband’s infidelities simultaneously in 2013. Since then, the pair have been vocal about God helping them overcome their struggles.

The singer insists that she and her husband are living proof that modern day miracles still happen.

“I know God opened up the Red Sea for the children of Israel; He kept the three Hebrew boys from getting burned up in the fire; He kept Daniel from getting eaten by that lion, but He also kept Tina and Teddy from a broken marriage and He did it in one year,” Tina said during an interview with The Christian Post back in November.

“That is a modern day miracle. So anybody who can come to experience that God is still doing miracles, God is still proving Himself, the Bible is still real and it can still work in your life, I would think that anybody can be encouraged by that.”

Still, the singer has not shied away from admitting she’s had to overcome struggles in the wake of her husband’s infidelities.

“Initially, I lost my way, and I said ‘forget this faith thing it doesn’t work. I pursued vengeance and I was going to get him back and everybody back and make the world understand they should have never hurt me,'” Tina revealed on the Fox talk show “The Boris and Nicole Show.” “I crashed, I cursed, I attacked, I drank myself to sleep. I was miserable.”

Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/tina-campbell-celebrates-15-years-of-marriage-with-husband-teddy-after-overcoming-infidelities-142786/#ytf1h4Z7miaB6rHQ.99

SOURCE: The Christian Post – Christine Thomasos

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