WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil Says Wrestling Organization Treats Christians Very Well

(Photo: Courtesy of Pure Publicity) WWE Wrestler Titus O'Neil
(Photo: Courtesy of Pure Publicity)
WWE Wrestler Titus O’Neil

WWE superstar and tag team champion Titus O’Neil is a professing Christian who attends a non-denominational church, and during a recent interview with The Christian Post he said the wrestling organization treats people of faith very well.

“There are a lot of believers in our business, both guys and girls. Not just in a performance sense, but backstage; production crew and front office people. I’ve never been criticized for posting [social media] posts with Christian content,” O’Neil told CP during an interview about the WWE’s upcoming Pay Per View Summer Slam.

“The company has never looked down on any performer for practicing or exercising their faith on social media platforms and realistically, as a publicly traded company that is driven by family business, most families have a religious background; it would be a slap in the face and very hypocritical if they did discourage [wrestlers practicing their faith],” added O’Neil.

The Florida native started his career in the WWE’s developmental league, now known as NXT, during its second season in 2010. He’s climbed his way up in the company and holds the coveted tag team titles with fellow former NXT star Darren Young.

“NXT has prepared today’s superstar to be more equipped to handle not only the pressure of performing on live television, but also helps with the nuances with all of us working under the same umbrella,” said O’Neil. “Before, the developmental system was a completely different brand. We were not televised on international television.”

Aside from rising in the ranks in the WWE, O’Neil has participated in charity efforts outside the ring.

The wrestler recently made headlines when he took a hungry homeless couple to dinner.

O’Neil took the couple to the Yard House restaurant in San Diego two Saturdays ago; however, they weren’t exactly received with open arms.

The wrestler left them at the restaurant, but something told him to work his way back there. While O’Neil was on his way he saw the couple walking back and he asked how they finished their food so fast. They told him they took their food to go because they felt that the workers did not want them in the restaurant. O’Neil responded by going back to the Yard House and speaking with the manager.

“The manager walked out and said he would take care of the homeless people. I said ‘well, you should have just did it [before]. If that’s within you to help these people and you saw how your co-worker responded, it’s your responsibility to help them,” said O’Neil. “I asked him are you a believer? Do you believe in God? He said yes. And he said I believe in helping people. I said that would have been the perfect opportunity to activate your faith.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Vincent Funaro

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