Michael Jordan Answers Every Question You’d Ever Want to Ask Him


When Michael Jordan isn’t hooking up campers with fresh sneakers, he’s answering every question you’d ever want to ask him.

At the 20th annual Michael Jordan Flight School in Santa Barbara, Calif., Jordan tackled everything: Shaq’s opinion on the all-time Bulls team vs. the all-time Lakers, playing LeBron James or Steph Curry in one-on-one. He talks about which coach, Dean Smith or Phil Jackson, had the biggest impact on him. Bugs Bunny, Mike Trout, Kobe Bryant and Kwame Brown were all fair game in this question-and-answer session he held at one of his camps.

Here are the highlights from maybe the greatest Michael Jordan interview ever:

Michael Jordan on Dean Smith and Phil Jackson: “Fortunately Dean Smith helped me become the basketball player I am today. Phil’s lucky because I was taught the game by Dean Smith.”

Michael Jordan on the biggest trash-talker: “Who’s the biggest trash-talker I ever played against? Probably Larry Bird. He talks a lot of trash — good trash, not dirty trash.”

Michael Jordan on all-time Bulls vs. all-time Lakers: “I knew that was coming! What did I think about when Shaq said the all-time five greatest Lakers could beat the Bulls’ five greatest players? I just felt like he was talking. It’s a debate. The thing is we would never know. I think we would’ve killed them. He thinks they would’ve killed us. You guys decide.”

Michael Jordan on “Space Jam”: “In Space Jam did Bugs Bunny steal the spotlight? Yes, he did. He was much more famous than me and he’s still more famous than me.”

MIchael Jordan playing one-on-one against LeBron James or Stephen Curry: “If I had the chance to go one-on-one with Stephen Curry or LeBron, which one would I chose? Right now or when I was in my prime? Right now? Well, I’d go against Stephen Curry because I’m a little bit bigger than him so I could back him in, but LeBron’s a little bit too big.”

Michael Jordan on which player he’d hire for Team Jordan: “I’m a big fan of [Mike] Trout. I absolutely love him. I wish I could hire him, but he’s a Nike guy. I can’t steal Nike’s guys.”

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SOURCE: Sporting News, Caroline Sikes

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