WATCH: New Jersey State Trooper Shoots at Unarmed Teens Who Mistakenly Knocked On His Door


An off-duty New Jersey state trooper is under review after firing at three unarmed teenagers who mistakenly knocked on the door of his Sparta home Sunday, believing it to be their friend’s house. 

The trooper, identified as Kissinger Barreau, told investigators he thought the teenagers were trying to break into his home. Jesse Barkhorn, John Marasco, and another teenager who has not been identified were looking for their friend, who lived next door to Barreau.

From CBS New York:

According to the office of Acting Attorney General John Hoffman: “The trooper went downstairs to investigate, armed with a personal handgun. After a verbal exchange through the door, the three young men fled.” The young men told investigators they noticed a laser dot penetrating the darkness as they were leaving, and they realized someone with a laser sight on a firearm was targeting them.

Three shots hit their car as they drove away.

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Source: Black America Web

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