Two Cincinnati Cops In Sam DuBose Shooting Were Reportedly Sued In Earlier Death Of Unarmed Black Man, Kelly Brinson


Two University of Cincinnati police officers involved in a fellow officer’s alleged cover-up in the shooting death of Samuel DuBose were also entangled in the fatal shooting of another unarmed Black man in 2010. 

From the Huffington Post:

Officers Eric Weibel and Phillip Kidd were among seven University of Cincinnati police officers and other officials named in a lawsuit alleging the wrongful death of Kelly Brinson, a 45-year-old mentally ill university hospital patient. Hospital staff summoned officers to help subdue Brinson, who became agitated when put in seclusion, according to court documents first reported by The Guardian. Kidd and Weibel gave written statements that they restrained Brinson, while another officer used a Taser stun gun on him. 

Brinson went into cardiac arrest and died days later, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported. The Hamilton County coroner ruled Brinson died from natural causes. His family settled the lawsuit for $638,000. 

The suit comes to light just days after news spread that Weibel and Kidd were on hand to assist Ray Tensing, 25, during a traffic stop on July 19 involving DuBose, 43. Both officers wrote reports bolstering Tensing’s claim that he was dragged by the vehicle and in fear for his life when he fatally shot DuBose.

Body camera footage, however, shows that the only person who was in danger was DuBose; he was unarmed and apparently not fleeing when he was shot to death.

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Source: Black America Web

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