The Late “Chuck” Colson’s Final Book Offers Prophetic Insights, Issues Clarion Call to Christians


“My Final Word,” a collection of never-before-published Colson commentaries will release on August 4, 2015

Charles W. “Chuck” Colson went from being a Nixon aide and Watergate felon, to becoming one of the most eloquent and influential evangelical Christian leaders of our time; a leading voice on all Christian worldview matters up until his death in 2012 at the age of 80.

Colson, the former Nixon White House operative, famous for saying he’d be willing to run over his grandmother for the president, was the first in a line of Nixon’s aides convicted in connection to the June 17, 1972, break-in to Democratic National Committee offices in Washington’s Watergate complex.

He did prison time for obstruction of justice, and then became a “born-again Christian”, which he chronicled in his autobiography “Born Again”, later made into a Hollywood movie, and Norma and myself (Dan Wooding) in 1978 actually attended some of the filming of the White House scenes at Warner Brothers studios in Burbank, California. (Colson was played by Dean Jones in the film.)

Colson then started Prison Fellowship, which became the largest prison ministry in the world and was portrayed in the media as a “public thinker”, “author” and “frequent gadfly” who, to his credit, aimed to appeal to the brains of skeptics and believers–and not just their hearts–in his articles, books and the Wilberforce Forum. But as several commentators have said since he died, “Colson’s most memorable legacy may be his life, a picture of redemption.”

In the capstone to his later distinguished publishing career, My Final Word: Holding Tight to the Issues that Matter Most (Zondervan, Aug. 4,2015), Colson issues a clarion call for Christians to think critically about today’s most pressing issues.

“What we’re witnessing in our culture today is but the tip of the iceberg,” said Colson, moments before suffering the stroke that would lead to his death three weeks later. “It’s the latest visible manifestation of growing hostility to Christianity… This is the moment where the church has to learn how to defend itself against this sort of thing, and do it in a way that is constructive.”

According to a Zondervan news release, longtime Colson co-author Anne Morse has selected and arranged pieces written mostly during the last decade of Colson’s life, spotlighting what he saw as key topics of ongoing importance for Christian cultural engagement. Colson covers many issues torn from today’s headlines, a true testament to his wisdom and understanding of how these issues would continue to influence the world, even after his passing.

Some of the issues in the book include:

* Islam

* Religious freedom

* The persecution of Christians

Here are some excerpts from the book:

The rise of Islam/War against ISIS (Islamic State):

“The problem here is at root Islam is a theocracy, so they basically have to penetrate our country and build a revolution. It’s illogical to think that they would want to do anything else. This is clearly what Islam is about. This is not ranting on our part, this is fact. The only issue is whether Islamists carry out their beliefs. If they want to deny their own beliefs, then they’re benign; but if they exercise them, they’re not.”

“We are not going to win in a toe-to-toe, head-to-head confrontation with radical Islam. All you can do is undermine it from within. In other words, offer an alternative that is so attractive that the masses of Muslims begin to demand it and moderate governments begin to embrace it. It’s going to be a long bloody clash, however.”

“One thing we in the West should not do is equate all Muslims with the Islamists… It’s also counterproductive if we label the entire Muslim world with the Islamist stigma, because what that will do is produce the very clash of civilizations which the Islamists want, because they want to be at war with the West.”

“I really do realize what Bush and others are trying to do, which is to avoid a confrontation with Islam. So I think it’s incumbent on religious leaders to not make inflammatory statements. We need to be honest and forthright about our beliefs, but this is not the time to ignite passions.”

Religious freedom:

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SOURCE: Assist News – Dan Wooding

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