Former NFL QB, Neil Lomax, Investing In Inner City Teens

Neil Lomax

A former star quarterback in the NFL is giving back to the sport of football by investing in the lives of inner city teenagers.

A two-time Pro Bowl quarterback in the 1980’s for the NFL Cardinals, Neil Lomax has spent the past nine seasons as an assistant coach for Roosevelt High School in Portland, Oregon.

The College Football Hall of Famer told OneNewsNow he felt called by God to make a difference in the lives of young people.

He explains his goal: “My agenda really was, Hey, can I come in and help some of these young boys find their way in a sport that has been so good to me and God has blessed me so much? I can maybe teach them a little bit about the game and also become a father figure to them.”

Lomax says coaching in the inner city is a unique experience.

“You’re way more than a coach out there,” he says. “This is not your typical suburban school with the field-turf fields and the $500,000 weight rooms, but it’s only 20 minutes away.”

Just a short drive away from the suburbs, he says, you find that in every major city.

“If you just drive 20 minutes away, you find a different culture,” he says. “You find needs and those needs can be met.”


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