Christian Rap Artist Flame Explains Why the ‘Death of Cultural Christianity Will Help the Gospel’

(PHOTO: COURTESY OF CLEARSIGHTMUSIC) Christian rap artist Flame.
Christian rap artist Flame.

Grammy-nominated Christian rapper Flame makes a statement on his new album Forward suggesting the death of cultural Christianity will help the Gospel, and during an appearance on CP Voice he elaborated on that message.

Forward is Flame’s eighth studio album and the record addresses various topics including Christianity in America, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana, and what he believes to be a shift in culture that will advance the message of Jesus.

“We’ve assumed for so long that America is a Christian nation. We assume it’s a pseudo kingdom of heaven and God is doing something extra special in America, as if this is a theocracy where God rules like Ancient Israel. And I think it’s helpful for people to know the reality of our current state. Yes, the framers of the Constitution were informed by some Christian ideas and that was very helpful. But when people can realize God’s true heart for repentance and reconciliation, versus being a good person, it helps them to rightly access where they are in their lives,” said Flame to CP Voice.

Without cultural Christianity, those without any association to the faith will have an easier time seeing the difference between someone who has God in their life and someone who doesn’t, according to the rapper.

Flame also makes a bold declaration in the beginning of the album where he says “Christianity without friction in the culture will die.”

“Christianity is a missionary movement. It exists to move into people’s lives and to introduce them to God Himself, His love, His kindness. So if Christianity falls back and doesn’t engage, then it’s meaningless. It doesn’t offer anything,” he asserted. “So I had to highlight that to kind of get us thinking about how we should exist in a progressively secularizing American culture.”

Flame further emphasized his point that Christians should be active in the culture and aware of the changes happening around them, including what he believes to be the erosion of religious freedom in the U.S.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Vincent Funaro

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