Sherri Shepherd’s New Cooking Show, “Holy & Hungry”, to Premiere August 23

Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd is to star in Holy & Hungry, a new series to premiere on the Cooking Channel on Aug. 23.

Holy & Hungry celebrates something that people of all religions enjoy — delicious food,” Michael Smith, general manager and senior vice president of the Cooking Channel, said in a statement Tuesday. “The unique lens of faith to explore food is unlike any other series on Cooking Channel, and Sherri Shepherd’s appreciation and ability to relate to the faithful people spreading their love for their faith through their food, makes her the perfect host.”

“Eating has always been like a religious experience for me. Growing up, my father was a deacon and my mother always cooked all of our meals, so we had good food on the table and faith in our hearts. I’m excited to share the personal stories and mouthwatering recipes of those who are just as passionate about food and faith as I am,” added Shepherd, an actress, author, comedian and former co-host of The View.

Cooking Channel said it has ordered six half-hour episodes of the program.

Karen Butler

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