Pakistani Christian Mother of 3 Kidnapped and Raped by Muslim Landlord, Forced to Convert to Islam and Marry Him

Family of Fouzia desperate for help.
Family of Fouzia desperate for help.

A Christian mother of three who was kidnapped and raped by her Muslim landlord, has again highlighted the dangers faced by young women followers of Christ.

The incident occurred July 23rd 2015 when the young woman Fouzia Sadiq was abducted from a field located at at Burj Mahalam, Chak No.35, Pattoki, where she worked on as a bonded labourer.  Details of the abduction have not yet been made public.  Muslim landlord Muhammed Nazir (55 years) employed the whole family, including the children in a form of modern day slavery, paying very little money and providing squalid shelter.  The husband signed a contract with a thumbprint, unable to read it due to only 7% of Christians attaining an adequate level of literacy.

This family have been oppressed for generations and when they discovered their daughter had been abducted they approached the landlord’s house and were told by his brother that she would be returned shortly.  The family simply waited prayerfully for the return of their daughter and told no-one of the incident.  The next day when they returned for their daughter they were threatened with violence and warned not to say anything as the girl was now property of Muhammed Nazir who had married her after she had allegedly accepted Islam.

Iqra Sadiq,  Fouzia’s sister, said:

“My sister has been missing for five days and police are refusing to register an FIR, my heart is broken.  Our landlord is a cruel man and we have been starving since he stopped the little payment that was due to us. We have no power and have to face such injustice, please help us!”

Mehwish left enough money for the family to survive and travel to our secret safe house. The family consist of Father Sadiq Masih (60) who is paralysed and cannot work, his wife Bashira (55) and seven children.  Mehwish left enough money for the family to feed themselves and to travel to our safe house.

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SOURCE: British Pakistani Christian Association
Wilson Chowdhry

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