Former Mars Hill Pastor Rob Bell Discusses Science and Faith on “Church Boys” Podcast

Rob Bell speaking

Few evangelical figures in recent memory have sparked as much theological debate as has Rob Bell, the author, speaker and former pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who ignited furor when his 2011 book “Love Wins” questioned traditional theological constructs surrounding heaven, hell and the Christian gospel.

Bell, who resigned from Mars Hill following intense controversy and is currently traveling around Americaon his “Everything Is Spiritual” speaking tour, recently shared his views on The Church Boys podcast, discussing everything from his support of same-sex marriage to his claim that anyone who speaks about the afterlife is merely spouting uncorroborated theories.

“We are speculating,” he said of definitive discussions surrounding heaven and hell. “No one knows.”

Bell did say that the idea that God would burn people in a fiery hell for all of eternity for rejecting him during their life on Earth seems at odds with the Almighty’s absolute love for mankind — and he had a message for those who spend a lot of time focusing on hell.

“The people who talk the most about hell when you die seem to talk the least about the very hells on Earth right now — and we have hells on Earth,” Bell said. “We have urban schools that are falling apart, we have people starving, we have rampant abuse of the environment, we have literally millions of people struggling with suicidal thoughts.”

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SOURCE: The Blaze

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