Of Course, Tina Fey says Donald Trump’s Candidacy Is ‘Great for Comedy’


Here’s the latest from the Television Critics Association summer meeting in Beverly Hills, California, at which TV networks and streaming services are presenting details on upcoming programs (all times local):

12:17 p.m.

Donald Trump’s run for president is “great for comedy,” Tina Fey says.

“I’m sure ‘Saturday Night Live’ wishes they were on the air right now,” Fey said during a panel discussion at the summer Television Critics Association Meeting. “I’m sure next year at this time you’ll be doing a panel with Darrell Hammond (the former ‘SNL’ cast member who does an impression of Trump).”

Fey stopped short of making a joke about Trump, saying nothing was fully formed in her head.

Fey was head writer and a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” before she went on to star in NBC’s “30 Rock.” Now she’s a co-creator and executive producer of the Netflix series “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”

Other comics also have been unable to resist.

Stephen Colbert, whose hosting reign of “The Late Show” doesn’t begin until September, recently posted a video on the show’s YouTube channel, mocking Trump’s announcement to run for president.

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Source: The AP

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