Google+ No Longer Required for YouTube, Other Services


Google’s ambitious social network, Google+, started with a bang, but four years later, it’s only making a whimper.

The world’s largest search company on Monday reversed its requirement to have a Google+ account to share content, communicate with other people or create a YouTube channel. Instead, people will be able to use their general Google accounts to access everything, the company said.

The change will eventually apply to all of Google’s services, but the company is starting with YouTube, which has become one of Google’s most important services as it looks to future revenue streams.

“While we got certain things right, we made a few choices that, in hindsight, we’ve needed to rethink,” Bradley Horowitz, the chief of Google Plus, wrote in a blog post.

The change is a stark contrast from the company’s position in 2013, when it started requiring people to use Google+ accounts to do mostly everything Google-related, from using Gmail to YouTube. The policy was a hard sell to get people to use the embattled social network, which reportedly came right from Chief Executive Larry Page.

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SOURCE: Cnet, Richard Nieva

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