Escape Artist Uses His Talents to Draw People Into Churches and Prepare Them for the Ultimate Escape

Anthony Martin stands beside the box he would have to escape while being dropped 14,500 feet from an airplane.
Anthony Martin stands beside the box he would have to escape while being dropped 14,500 feet from an airplane.

Jumping out of airplanes, breaking free from jail cells, and evading death. It’s just another day of work for Anthony Martin.

Martin, a member of Mapledale Baptist Church in Sheboygan, Wis., started Ambassador in Chains Ministries in 1998. Martin uses his talents as an escape artist to draw people into local churches. He specifically hopes to attract those who would not necessarily come to the church for a more traditional presentation of the Gospel.

Guy Fredrick, pastor at Mapledale Baptist, praised Martin for his work within the community and using his talents to share the Gospel.

“He’s very evangelical, very solid in his doctrine, very solid in his teaching and I highly commend him,” Fredrick said.

Leo A. Endel, executive director of the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention, also praised Martin, who is an executive committee member for the convention.

“I found Anthony to be humble and a gifted person…. His presentation really draws people’s attention and then he weaves it into a Gospel presentation that is memorable,” Endel said.

Martin details the account of his life as an escape artist and as a follower of Jesus Christ in his book, “Escape or Die,” published in 2013. The 49-year-old escape artist has made a career of evading death, but even Martin says there is one escape he can’t do by himself.


“Skydivers deal with life and death every day,” Martin noted. “The reality is if the parachute doesn’t open, you’re going to impact the ground at 180 miles per hour. It’s a life-and-death situation. Now true, we do have a backup that God provided that we can escape eternal death and He was gracious enough to provide us with it. So for people to insist on being able to flap their arms to survive or somehow provide some other means is illogical.”

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Daniel Woodman


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