George Clooney’s British Neighbors Don’t Like his Plans to Install 18-Camera CCTV System


Residents are concerned by the invasion of privacy caused by the security setup at the Clooneys’ $15.57 million country home.

George Clooney is finding that his star power and legendary charm aren’t working so well with the residents of the sleepy English village of Sonning Eye.

The Tomorrowland star is in a dispute with his neighbors over plans to install 18 CCTV cameras on his property, reports local newspaper the Henley Standard.

Clooney and his wife, Amal, are seeking permission to install eight cameras on wooden poles in the grounds of Mill House, the historic property he purchased for $15.57 million in October 2014, as well as a further 10 cameras on the property itself.

Local residents complained that the cameras and their positioning would potentially infringe the privacy of neighboring properties and the poles themselves would be an eyesore and go against the village’s conservation area.

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SOURCE: Abid Rahman
The Hollywood Reporter

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