A Reminder from Michael Brown: Males Are Not Females

Michael Brown
Michael Brown

I was filling out a form at the doctor’s office the other day when I was reminded of a stark truth: Biological, genetic males will never be females, no matter how much surgery they have and no matter how many hormones they take.

The medical form had a line that said: “FEMALES: Time of last menstruation?”—and in a flash, I said to myself, Yes! There really are differences between males and females

And that’s another reason why Bruce Jenner will never be a woman, no matter how hard he tries. (Let me pause for a moment for all those who want to shout, “Bigot! Hater! Transphobe! You’re worse than Hitler!” Go ahead and get that out of your system, then you can keep reading. But feel free to pause every so often to vent your feelings.)

I was reminded of this stark reality again when my son-in-law Jimmy played part of the video of Bruce Jenner’s acceptance speech for his ESPY’s courage award.

Jimmy had pulled up the clip on his cell phone, and I was sitting next to him when I heard a man speaking.

It was only when I looked over at his phone that I realized who the man was—now looking like a strangely disfigured woman—and Jimmy said to me, “It looks like a joke, but everyone is going along with it.”

But of course.

To not go along with this—no, let me take this a step farther—to not celebrate this wonderful moment is to be a mean-spirited, close-minded bigot of the worst kind. Even if you’re not smiling broadly enough and clapping vociferously enough when “Caitlyn” Jenner is announced is to mark yourself as a bigot (just ask former NFL icon Brett Favre).

And God forbid you say, “I just know that’s Bruce Jenner and I’ll leave it at that,” as former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield said.

The vitriol directed at Holyfield for uttering these simple, common sense words is vicious beyond description, but it’s fully justified, of course, because he’s being judgmental.

It’s a good thing for the world of sports that Jenner isn’t a young, world class athlete today.

Otherwise, the Olympic committee and other sports organizations would have to decide if this athletically gifted male could compete with females. Would they dare be transphobic and bigoted and tell him he couldn’t?

These issues have already come up in the world of combat sports, where a so-called male-to-female fighter has been dominating his female opponents to the point that some have openly complained and others have refused to fight him.

Is this really fair?

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Michael Brown


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