5 Steps to Grilling the Perfect T-Bone or Porterhouse Steak


In a recent blog post, we explained the difference between a porterhouse and a T-bone steak. Today we cover the steps to grilling the perfect T-bone or porterhouse–no matter how thick. The secret? Raise it like a flagpole.

    1. Use a combo grilling method for a combo steak: If cooking over charcoal (and I hope you are), set up a three-zone fire. Dump a chimney of lit coals into the grill. With a grill hoe or garden hoe, spread the coals into a double layer at the far side and a single layer in the center. Leave the section closest to you coal-free. Replace the grill grate. If using a gas grill, set it up for three-zone grilling.
    2. Keep it hot, keep it clean, keep it lubricated: When the grill grate is hot, clean it with a grill brush, then lubricate it with a grill oiler or a folded paper towel dipped in vegetable oil. Tip: You can also impale a chunk of beef fat on a fork and run it over the bars of the grill grate.
    3. Season like you mean it: Place the steak(s) on a rimmed baking sheet and season generously–and I mean generously–on both sides with coarse sea salt (like Maldon) or kosher salt and coarsely ground or cracked black pepper. Tip:Hold your hand at least 10 inches above the meat when seasoning for more even distribution. Season steaks just before grilling.

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SOURCE: The Huffington Post



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