Asia Bibi Case Moves Forward In Pakistan

Asia Bibi

The first hearing in Pakistan’s Supreme Court on the appeal of Asia Bibi’s conviction for blasphemy and resulting death sentence will be held next Wednesday, July 22, at 9 a.m. in Lahore.

Please pray fervently for Asia and her family, for her attorney, and for the three judges who will hear the case. May God grant justice for Asia Bibi, and may His name be glorified in this process.

The Voice of the Martyrs USA, Open Doors USA, and International Christian Concern have not only been following the situation since her arrest six years ago, but are also actively advocating her release and assisting in other ways as Asia’s case slowly makes its way through the court system.

She remains on death row despite multiple calls for her release from the highest levels. According to her lawyer, her legal team is ready to fully present her case before Pakistan’s Supreme Court, but the court is busy.

At the same time, Asia’s case created a strong reaction among the extremists in Pakistan. Family members went public with a $5,000 bounty that was put out by fundamentalist clerics out to kill her.

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Ruth Kramer


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