Former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director Turned Pro-life Advocate, Abby Johnson, Extends Compassion to Deborah Nucatola

Abby Johnson
Abby Johnson

A prolife advocate and former Planned Parenthood clinic director has written an open letter extending compassion to the Planned Parenthood executive caught on video discussing the sale of baby parts gained through abortion.

Meanwhile, the president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America called charges that her organization has behaved illegally “outrageous.” Prolife advocates appear divided regarding the likelihood that Planned Parenthood violated the law. Still, the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee and the House Judiciary Committee have launched investigations of Planned Parenthood, as have five states — Louisiana, Texas, Ohio, Georgia and Indiana.

Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director in Bryan, Texas, wrote in a July 14 open letter published by LifeSiteNews that she opposes abortion but also condemns “hate and vile comments about” Planned Parenthood executive Deborah Nucatola, the subject of the debated video. Nucatola is not “evil” but “misguided,” Johnson wrote, telling the abortion provider of a better life to be found apart from Planned Parenthood.

“We care about you,” Johnson wrote, referencing her nonprofit organization that seeks to help abortion clinic workers leave the industry. “We want you to find peace. We want you to find true happiness. We know that won’t happen as long as you are involved in Planned Parenthood. We believe that your life matters. We believe that your life holds infinite value and worth. You matter to us. As hard as I fight to save unborn babies, I fight just as hard to save people like you from the grips of the abortion industry.”

Johnson understands Nucatola’s perspective, she wrote, because she “used to be just like” her — a harvester of post-abortive baby parts. In Johnson’s experience, consent was obtained from patients to harvest their babies’ tissue, and most women consented “because we made it seem like that by donating, they were helping others” in supplying materials for researchers.

Johnson described the process she employed in her former life to harvest baby organs.

“All of the blood, body parts and extra tissue would be collected into a glass jar,” Johnson wrote. “That glass jar would come to me in the POC (products of conception) lab through a ‘pass through specimen cabinet.’ I would take the jar to our sink, dump everything into a huge strainer, rinse out the jar and then rinse the blood out of the strainer. After I had a clean body, I would dump it into the glass baking dish that was sitting on top of an x-ray light box. I would put a little bit of water in the glass dish so that the body parts would float … that made it easier for me to manipulate them.”

Johnson said she understands Nucatola’s apparently callous attitude toward dismembering children.

“After a grueling abortion day, we would all go out for margaritas and Mexican food. We would talk about the day and specific abortion cases. It wasn’t gross to us. We honestly didn’t think anything about it. We would plainly talk about harvesting fetal parts as if we were talking about harvesting a field of corn. That was our normal … and we were proud to live in it. I get the humor. I get how something grotesque to others can seem ordinary,” Johnson wrote.


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SOURCE: Baptist Press
David Roach


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