Woman Thrown in Jail in Abu Dhabi After ‘Writing Bad Words’ About Someone on Facebook


An Australian woman faces deportation from the United Arab Emirates for an “objectionable” post on Facebook, media reported on Tuesday.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Jodi Magi, 39, a graphic designer, was arrested and jailed after posting a photo of a car parked across two disabled parking spots outside her Abu Dhabi apartment.

After a complaint about the post landed Magi in an Abu Dhabi court, she was reportedly found guilty of “writing bad words on social media about a person”.

The picture of the vehicle posted on Facebook by Magi had the licence plates blanked out.

“I have zero idea [what I have done wrong]. I used the internet,” Magi was quoted as saying.

Magi tried to pay the fine of about $3,600 and voluntarily deport herself, but local authorities refused until she presented herself in court and when she arrived there to pay the fine she was arrested and jailed.

The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop as saying that Magi would be deported soon.

Bishop said Magi had been receiving consular assistance since she was charged with cyber crimes under United Arab Emirates law.

“I understand she was required to pay a fine and that she was taken into detention pending deportation,” Bishop was quoted as saying.


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