Detroit Pastor David Alexander Bullock Rebukes Bishop Charles Ellis III Over Seemingly Neutral Stance On Satan Statue


Detroit Pastor David Bullock expressed his disappointment in Bishop Charles Ellis III with a response to the following statement from Ellis on the Satan statue unveiling planned to take place in the city via the Detroit Free Press:

Bishop Charles Ellis III, pastor of the 6,000-member Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, said he is not concerned about a statue depicting Satan being unveiled in the city because America “was built on freedom of speech and freedom of religion.”

“If we ask others to be tolerant of our religion, we are going to be asked to be tolerant of their religion as well,” Ellis said.

“Tolerable does not mean you have to practice what they practice or that you are condoning what they are practicing. I’m not saying I’m being accepting. I’m just saying I have no control over that.”

Pastor Bullock’s response via Facebook:

Let’s be clear – the satanic temple has a political agenda to demean and destroy ‪#‎CHRISTIANITY‬ point blank.
Sad that a Bishop would mislead people into neutrality and toleration of an agenda that seeks to destroy the very religion he professes.
Neither the Constitution, the law or the Bible demands that we be neutral. Toleration doesn’t not apply, we have the right to protest and oppose. ‪#‎WAKEUP‬

SOURCE: David Alexander Bullock Facebook

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