Are Quincy Jones’ Headphones Worth $1500?


Few of you will ever buy for the Quincy Jones-inspired AKG N90Q headphones from Harman that I’ve been testing for a few weeks. 

Not at a cost of — ouch! — $1,499.95 a pair.

Still, I really wanted to hear how these expensive headphones sounded, and yeah, that lofty price tag made me even more curious. Spoiler alert: The headphones, which ship in September, sounded good, but at roughly five times the price, I’m not sure they sound five times as good as the premium headphones you may already own.

Harman claims these latest AKGs are also the world’s first headphones with “personalized” sound that supposedly adapts to the anatomy of the listener’s ear.

What’s more, as “reference” grade headphones, they are the type of headphones employed by studio musicians and audiophiles to hear music in its purest form.

Which brings me back to the biggest reason I wanted to take a listen: The headphones were designed and “inspired by” Jones, the legendary multi-Grammy winning producer who has worked with music royalty — a list that includes Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, Paul McCartney, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder and Amy Winehouse.

I asked Jones during a recent interview at the flagship Harman store on New York’s Madison Avenue whether the technology inside the N90Qs would make its way to more affordable headphones. Any nugget of encouragement for those of us who love music but would never pay such a handsome sum — no matter how sweet they sound.

“It shall be done, trust me,” he said.

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Source: USA Today |  Edward C. Baig

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