Comcast’s ‘Gigabit Pro’ Will be $299.95 a Month Plus $1000 for Installation


Want multi-gigabit Internet service? It won’t come cheap.

Comcast has finally revealed pricing for its Gigabit Pro service, which promises “next level” speeds of up to 2 gigabytes per second, and let’s just say you better have some deep pockets if you want in. According to the cable giant’s new Gigabit Pro website, which just hit the Web on Monday, the service will set you back $299.95 a month.

That’s $230 more than you’d pay for gigabit Internet service alone via Google Fiber, but at 2Gbps, it’s also twice as fast. And considering that Comcast currently sells its top-tier Extreme 505 Internet — which clocks in at 505mbps, or four times slower than Gigabit Pro — for $400, the new 2GB service is somewhat of a bargain. Comcast has said that 505 Mbps customers will get a bump to 2Gbps.

Those who want Gigabit Pro will need to sign a minimum 2-year contract, and pay fees of up to $1,000 for installation and activation, Comcast said. So you’re basically committing to pay nearly $7,200 over the next two years, plus the cost of installation and activation.

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SOURCE: PC Mag, Angela Moscaritolo

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