Will Bill Cosby be Erased from Pop Culture?


Slowly but surely, Bill Cosby’s foes are trying to erase him from public culture.

His statue at a Disney theme park? Gone. Reruns of his TV shows? Yanked. His name on educational scholarships? Scrubbed. His face on a wall mural in Philadelphia? Gone soon.

Cosby, once the most powerful — once the only — African American on television, is suddenly as toxic as the Confederate flag, now disappearing from Southern flagpoles and pop culture in the wake of its association with a mass murder in a black South Carolina church.

Like the sudden baying at the battle flag, the voices for removing Cosby from all vestiges of public life are multiplying:

The latest: Remove his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, demands a coalition of black civil-rights groups. It’s never happened before and it’s not going to happen now, says the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

Once a star is installed, it’s there to stay, said chamber president Leron Gubler on Thursday, adding that each of the honorary stars is considered “a part of the historic fabric” of the walk.

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SOURCE: Maria Puente

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