What Will Happen to the Confederate Flag that Was Removed from S. Carolina’s State House?


After the Confederate flag was removed from the Statehouse grounds Friday, it was transported to the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum in an armored vehicle.

The flag is now held in an acid-free textile box padded with acid-free tissue, according museum director Allen Roberson. The flag being stored in a secure, climate-controlled artifact storage area, he said.

“We’ll take this and make sure the people who care so much about the flag feel a little better about it coming down from the Statehouse,” he said.

Roberson received the flag from members of the Honor Guard shortly after it was removed from the pole where it has flown since 2000. The museum is just a few blocks down the street from the Statehouse.

But it may be a while before it’s put on display.

“It will be after January for sure. Probably a few months after that, it could be a year more,” Roberson said. “You could exhibit it as the last flag that came off the state house as an artifact but we will probably go toward some sort of memorial for the 21,000 South Carolinians that died in the American Civil War.”

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SOURCE: Savannah Levins
WLTX-TV, Columbia, S.C.

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