Donald Trump to Make Speech on Immigration in Arizona on Saturday


Donald Trump is still talking immigration. And, unlike some in the Republican establishment, Arizona supporters seem to love it.

A speech “on illegal immigration and numerous other topics” by the real estate mogul and Republican presidential candidate had to be moved from a hotel to the Phoenix convention center “to accommodate the thousands of people expected to attend” the Saturday event.

The rally, which will also feature the city’s anti-immigration Sheriff Joe Arpaio, already had 3,500 committed attendees Thursday evening when the campaign announced the venue change, according to the Arizona Republic newspaper. Arpaio has faced condemnation for his hard-line rhetoric on immigration and has been found by a federal judge to have violated the civil rights of Latinos.

Trump has faced weeks of fallout since he said in his presidential campaign announcement that some Mexican immigrants are “rapists.” He has repeatedly doubled down on the assertion since then—and seen his polling numbers rise to top positions—even as he has lost business contracts and faced denunciations from both Democrats and Republicans.

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SOURCE: Ben Brody

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