Anti-Christian Hatred Is on the Rise In America; Here’s How to Respond

Michael Brown
Michael Brown

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage, which effectively codifies Bible believers as bigots, the attack on conservative Christian values has reached fever pitch.

This is not the slightest surprise, as many others and I have been warning for some time now, but the ferocity and ugliness of it is still shocking, and it is something we must be prepared for.

The other day I posted on Twitter, “Much has changed since the SCOTUS decision, but more has not changed. Jesus is still Lord, the world is still fallen, Satan is still raging.”

An “equality” advocate responded by challenging me to name one thing in my life that had changed since the decision.

I responded, “The absolutely horrific, ugly, non-stop, nasty, vile attack on me (& colleagues) from LGBT advocates. That’s just one. :)”

Bear in mind that I constantly address LGBT issues with sensitivity and compassion (for two recent examples, seehere and here), but because I strongly oppose gay activism, that makes me a “hater” of the
worst kind.

Here’s just the tiniest sample of posts on my Facebook page in the days following the Supreme Court decision, almost all of them coming from those who identify as LGBT (or their advocates), and almost all of them being totally unsolicited – in other words, open attacks rather than responses to my own posts or comments.

Of course, I’m not complaining about this – far from it – nor is this worth comparing with the real suffering endured by Christians around the world. It is simply a representative sampling to remind us of what we’re up against.

  • Here is a man who preaches hate and ignorance.
  • What a pathetic example of humanity your opinion and those who follow you portray. Small mindedness is unacceptable this day and age. You should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!
  • You are not a Christian, you probably are a devil worshiper passing for a Christian.
  • People would get a better look at the Gospel from Satan himself…and I’m not even a Satanist. If you take the bible literally, do not bother responding to me. Thanks!
  • This guy is just another cultist who worships the evil, mass-murdering, incest-obsessed, rape-encouraging and hate-mongering god of Abraham as a good thing. Anyone who worships evil as good and claims that basic human rights is something to be fought against is a threat to civilization and a terrorist.
  • Just another cult leader, disgusting!
  • A very hateful stupid person. The worst kind.
  • Completely ignorant. Shut your mouth and mind your business.
  • Just another brainwashed uneducated Christian.
  • Doctor of what, exactly? Bigotry? Intolerance? Ignorance? Do they give out PHD’s just for being a complete [expletive] these days?
  • Just another ignorant, hate-filled Christian bigot.
  • Who wants to ask a bigot doctor anything! [Note: These last five, among others not cited here, were received within a 45-minute period.]
  • BRAVO to the Supreme Court! You LOST, Christian bigot! Get over it!
  • Ignorant bigot.
  • Icky bigot.
  • Another ridiculous ignorant bigot. Get the [expletive] out.
  • Close-minded bigot who thinks he’s better than others because of his close-minded beliefs.
  • Bigots like this wrapping themselves in religion while viciously attacking LGBTQ folks is DISGUSTING. The Supreme Court has ruled. Gays exist and are just as valid and have all the same rights you do. SHUT YOUR BIGOT FACE. NOW!
  • You’re a [expletive] gross pimple nosed [expletive] [expletive]. Dr. Brown I hope you catch [a specific deadly disease] and die.

Again, this is only a tiny sampling of what I’ve actually seen, which represents a tiny sampling of hateful comments that I haven’t seen, but the overall theme is undeniably clear: If you do not affirm homosexual “marriage,” homosexual relationships, and even homosexuality itself, you are a hate-filled, despicable, uneducated bigot, with the emphasis on that last word, bigot.

How then do we respond?

Click here to read more.

SOURCE: The Christian Post
Michael Brown


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