YouTube Reinstates Trailer for Ray Comfort’s Movie Sharing Biblical View of Homosexuality


When the trailer for “Audacity,” Ray Comfort’s new movie on homosexuality, was removed from YouTube over the weekend, he suspected foul play.

“The trailer had been removed ‘as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content,'” said Comfort. “But since we found nothing in it that fit that description, we naturally concluded that YouTube didn’t like the content and yanked it.”

In attempting to get the trailer back online, however, Comfort did receive an explanation.

“YouTube kindly explained that we had violated their metadata policy,” the filmmaker stated. “We had added a list of keywords in the video description section, not knowing that was against their company policy.”

Comfort happily noted that his team connected with YouTube and addressed the policy concern. Thankfully, they have fully reinstated the original video, and all of the original links that were in countless locations are now live again.

“This is a good lesson for us to thoroughly research such things so we don’t violate policy and to avoid jumping to judgment,” said Comfort. “While we appreciate the many people who supported us in this incident, we offer our sincere apologies to YouTube for wrongly suspecting them of blame, and also to news organizations who kindly carried the story.”

SOURCE: Charisma Magazine – Kristin Cole/A. Larry Ross

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