Tennessee Bank Executive Forced to Rob His Own Bank While Wife and Baby Son Are Held at Gunpoint

Abbey Harris makes a phone call while holding her baby at the scene of a police

A Tennessee bank executive, along with his wife and infant son, was kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to rob the very Knoxville bank he works at, according to authorities.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now investigating the brazen plot, which began when two perps armed with handguns and a long gun burst into the family’s home in the Dunbarton Oaks subdivision around 8 a.m. Tuesday.

Tanner Harris, a vice president and commercial lending officer at SmartBank, along with wife Abbey Harris, was blindfolded and driven in the family car to a bank branch at 202 Advantage Place, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel.

There, Tanner was forced to go inside and steal the cash while Abbey and the 5-month-old boy were held at gunpoint.

The crooks, described as two white men speaking English without an accent, then took off with the woman and child, leaving Tanner in the bank parking lot, the FBI said.

Fifteen minutes later, the gunmen left Abbey and the baby inside their car off a dirt road and took off. Abbey drove a short distance before pulling into a nearby business and begging for help.

The family was uninjured and the FBI has not said how much cash was stolen.

Authorities think a third person may have been involved in the plot.

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SOURCE: NY Daily News, Sasha Goldstein

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