Singlehood and Soul Ties


I was raised in a small, conservative church. It was common to talk about God and Jesus, but rarely did we discuss the Holy Spirit. I always perceived the Holy Spirit as kind of “too spiritual” maybe “too unknown” or “too scary”, so I just didn’t talk much about it. Our church sometimes talked about wanting the Holy Spirit to show up, but I often wondered if we feared that it actually would! This is the reason that I think I had never really heard of Soul Ties in years past. I found that myself and many of my Christian friends didn’t discuss the things unseen, spiritual impact, or the warfare that takes place every day — even though the Bible talks clearly about it.

Have you ever heard of the term Soul Tie? Admittedly, it was a new term for me in my early Christian walk, as well. You will not read those words in the Bible, and I haven’t found it to be a frequent discussion in churches. But the simplest definition for a soul tie is spiritual tie. Spiritual connections/ties are often referred to in the Bible.

Okay, so here are some of the ways a Soul Tie is developed:

* Sex (Eph 5:31)
* Close relationships (as in with Jonathan and David in 1 Sam. 18)
* Vows & Commitments (such as “I will always love you.” “You and I will be together forever.” And so on).

As you can see, Soul Ties can be really cool, as with Jonathan and David and the close friendship they had. Additionally, it exhibits the closeness and importance of sex inside marriage, outside of just the physicality of it, but rather the spiritual aspects. However, Soul Ties can also be detrimental, such as when we have sex outside marriage, a marriage fails, or we speak eternal vows that tie us (such as telling a boyfriend we will always love him).

Soul ties are dangerous when you have had sex with multiple partners, verbalized eternal commitments to others, pursued close unGodly relationships, or had a failed marriage. It’s important to recognize who you are tied to, before you can break free from the tie.

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Source: Crosswalk

Jennifer Maggio is an award-winning author and speaker who travels the country sharing her personal story of homelessness, abuse, and teen pregnancy. She is founder of the global nonprofit, The Life of a Single Mom, and has appeared on countless radio and television programs. For more information, visit

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