Iranian General: We’ll Never Have a Good Relationship With the U.S.

Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan, Iran's ground forces commander (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)
Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan, Iran’s ground forces commander (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)

The United States will never be viewed positively in Iran, even if a deal is signed with world powers over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, the commander of the Iranian ground forces said Sunday.


Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan declared that a rapprochement was out of the question, as the enemy is “exploiting nations and putting them in chains,” the semi-official Iranian FARS News Agency reported.

“The US might arrive at some agreements with us within the framework of the Group 5+1 [the US, Russia, China, Britain and France plus Germany], but we should never hold a positive view of the enemy,” Pourdastan said.

“Our enmity with them is over principles and rooted in the fact that we are after the truth and nations’ freedom, but they seek to exploit nations and put them in chains,” he added.

Iranian and P5+1 negotiators are continuing efforts in Vienna to reach an agreement on Iran’s controversial nuclear development program, which world powers fear includes the planned development of atomic weapons. A June 30 deadline passed without a deal, but officials gave themselves another week to ink a pact that would put nuclear weapons beyond Iran’s immediate reach, in return for easing crippling economic sanctions.

Meanwhile, an unnamed senior Iranian official taking part in the nuclear negotiations said Sunday that Iran has not agreed to ship its stockpiles of enriched uranium out of the country and will continue with its atomic program, FARS said.

The official referred to a 32-page technical annex to the nuclear agreement, of which 70 percent has been completed, he said. The annex is one of five addenda to the emerging agreement.

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