Hispanic Texas Baptists Urged to Stand Firm In Faith, Reach Others With the Gospel

Hispanic Texas Baptists

Speakers at the Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas annual meeting urged 1,100 affiliated churches to respond to the challenge of reaching 11 million Hispanic Texans with the gospel.

The 2015 Convencion Bautista Hispana de Texas drew 1,529 registered participants, including 487 messengers, to Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin. Austin-area church members also joined for worship services, with about 2,100 gathering Sunday evening.


“If the church does not know who Jesus is, how will the world know who Jesus is?” asked Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. “Do we know who Jesus is? How can we reach people for Christ if we do not know who he is?”

Preaching from Matthew 16:13-19, Rodriguez encouraged Hispanic Baptists to stand firm in their faith, not responding to questions about Jesus’ identity based on what culture suggests, but rather what the Scriptures proclaim.


“We are believers, followers of Jesus Christ,” he said. “We are who we are because Jesus declared our identity. His word defines us. Christ is our center.”


Executive Director Jesse Rincones will assume a full-time position for the Hispanic convention in San Antonio this summer. Rincones has volunteered in this position for three years and will become the Convencion’s first paid staff member, working from an office on the campus of the Baptist University of the Américas.

“My first responsibility will be to move forward with our long range planning effort that we started several months ago in collaboration with Rolando Rodriguez and the (BGCT) office of Hispanic ministries,” Rincones said. “I will work to increase the amount of Spanish language resources available to our churches, and foster partnerships that will resource Hispanic Baptist work in Texas.The mission is to help build stronger Hispanic Baptist churches, pastors and leaders. The result is that Texas Baptists will have stronger partners in kingdom work.”

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SOURCE: Baptist News Global
Kalie Lowrie

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