New Report says, an Extended Family Member of Bobbi Kristina Brown Is Trying to Sell Pictures of her Final Days


Poor Bobbi Kristina. The late daughter of Whitney Houston is continuing to fight for her life, but things are not looking good — and a family member is allegedly taking advantage of the media frenzy around her tragic situation.

This is so sad and such a horrible invasion of privacy. One of Bobbi Kristina’s, 22, family members reportedly took a photo of the 22-year-old during her final days of life and is trying to sell it to a magazine or website, TMZ claims.

The family member shopped the photo to TMZ, who, thankfully, declined, but that doesn’t mean another outlet won’t jump on the chance. The gossip site reports that the “extended family member” is still working to get the picture out there, and there’s reportedly some interest in the shot.

Bobbi is currently in hospice care, and things are not looking good. On July 1, it was reported that she barely had “any signs of life,” and that death would be “imminent.” However, there have been many similar reports since the 22-year-old was found unconscious in her bathtub on Jan. 31, and somehow, she’s miraculously continued to hold on, albeit in a coma.

And sadly this situation is being made even worse due to new claims that Bobbi’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, allegedly choked and hit Krissi in the face before her tragic accident, according to a friend. The friend even claims that Bobbi was often scared of her longtime man.

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Source: Hollywood Life | Alyssa Norwin

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