Rick Ross Released From Jail On $2 Million Bail


Rick Ross is granted $5 million bail a week after his pistol-whipping incident.

After spending the last week in jail for allegedly pistol-whipping his groundskeeper, Rick Ross appeared for his bail hearing this afternoon along with his bodyguard Nadrian James and was released after posting a hefty bail, according to TMZ. The conditions: Ross will put up $2 million total — $1 million equity from the ex-Holyfield mansion he owns as well as another property, a $500,000 surety bond, and $500k in cash.

His lawyer stated that he would forfeit “to Fayette County the Holyfield property… if he does anything to obstruct justice or intimidate any witness.”

The judge granted Ross’ lawyers’ request that his medical records be sealed.

Watch the news wrap-ups here and stay tuned for more details as the story develops.

SOURCE: Hot News Hip-Hop – Danny Schwartz

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